WSMA Foundation Scholarship and Diversity Advancement Fund

The WSMA Foundation Scholarship and Diversity Advancement Fund is a new endowment to build a more diverse physician population in Washington state by supporting students who are underrepresented in medicine. Our goal with the Scholarship and Diversity Advancement Fund is to cover full in-state tuition for four years of medical school for the scholarship recipient. We plan to raise $2 million to award the first scholarship, with our ultimate fundraising goal of $5 million to award three scholarships (one for each of Washington’s medical schools).

Last July, WSMA’s board of trustees voted to contribute $500,000 to the fund. In October, the WSMA Foundation held a fundraising luncheon where WSMA trustees and delegates contributed another $225,000, including $100,000 from the WSMA Foundation board of directors.

These generous contributions are a promising start. The success of this effort now depends upon your generosity. Confirm your commitment by donating today!

Physician Diversity in Washington

There is a 50% delta between the Black/African American and American Indian/Alaska Native general populations compared to their respective physician populations. An even greater gap exists between the Latinx general (13%) vs. physician population (3%).

Why give?

Medical students respond.


“It’s fundamental to use your power and privilege to ensure that these opportunities are available.”
– ABIGAEL MBALUKA, MS1, WSU Elson S. Floyd School of Medicine


“10 years from now, somebody will be up here saying, the WSMA scholarship allowed me to become a physician because… And you’re going to insert a phenomenal story here, because representation matters.”
– BRIAN CEDEÑO, MS3, UW School of Medicine


“Not only are you helping a student with the costs of their education, but you are also helping make their dream of serving the community and improving health care outcomes for all become a reality.”
– CHUKWUMA TIMOTHY IWUOHA, OMS3, PNWU College of Osteopathic Medicine

The Scholarship and Diversity Advancement Fund is one of several measures underway to advance health equity in all communities. Visit for details.