Scholarship Donor Recognition

The WSMA Foundation for Health Care Improvement wishes to thank the following corporate and individual donors for their generous contributions to the Scholarship and Diversity Advancement Fund.


Washington State Medical Association


Carrie A. Horwitch, MD
Robert G.R. Lang, MD
Brian J. Seppi, MD
Physicians Insurance


Bridget S. Bush, MD, FASA
Kemi Doll, MD, MSCR
Dale P. Reisner, MD
Mika N. Sinanan, MD, PhD


Christopher C. Bundy, MD, MPH
Jeffrey Collins, MD
Teresa M. Girolami, MD
William K. Hirota, MD
Katina R. Rue, DO, FAAFP, FACOFP
Thomas P. Schaaf, MD, MHA
Nathan R. Schlicher, MD, JD, MBA
Bruce C. Smith, MD
John H. Vassall II, MD, FACP
Mark R. Vossler, MD
Hope A. Wechkin, MD


Frank Anderson, MD
John S. Bramhall, MD, PhD
June G. Bredin, MD
Jennifer L. Hanscom
Ray Hsaio, MD
Diana Huang, MD
Sheila K. Kirkegaard
Tony S. Quang, MD, JD
Rachel A. Reeg, MD, FACP
Steven E. Schiebel, MD, CPE, FAAP
UnitedHealth Group


John M. Asriel, MD & Jaana Asriel
Neil R. Batta, MD
Monica Blykowski-May, MD, MBA, CPE
Michael Brigoli, MD
Linda Brown, MD
Naomi Busch, MD
Rebecca Carlson
Christine Chauvet-Pizzute, MD
Rachel W. Clement, MD
Dave R. Cundiff, MD, MPH
Amish J. Dave, MD, MPH
Kate E. Delaney, MD
Jane A. Dimer, MD
Scott Erickson
Colin D. Fields, MD
Kenneth M. Foerster, MD, MBA
Eric R. Frankenfeld, MD
Gary M. Goldbaum, MD, MPH
Norman A. Gosch, MD & Ann Gosch
Lucinda Grande, MD
Alexandra E. Harmony, DO
Deborah Harper, MD
Erin K. Harnish, MD
Clinton T. Hauxwell, MD
Nariman Heshmati, MD, FACOG
Rebecca L. Hoffman, MD
Matthew Hollon, MD, MPH, FACP
Christopher Johnson, MD
Srivani Kanumuri, MD, MPH
Ruchi Kapoor, MD, PhD
Thomas Kennedy, MD
Rajneet S. Lamba, MD
John D. Loeser, MD
Milana McLead
Erin R. Medina, MD
Alan L. Melnick, MD, MPH
Amie E. Mower, DO
Bindu Nayak, MD
Rachel Newman
Jeffrey R. O’Connor, MD
Okechukwu N. Ojogho, MD
Jamie Park, MD
Elizabeth Peterson, MD
Heather Phipps, DO, MBA, FAAOS
Camille Puronen, MD
Nicholas Rajacich, MD
Stephen D. Reck, MD & Penny V. Reck, MD
Wade Reiner, MD
Ralph A. Rossi, MD, MPH
Florida Rue
Heather L. Schultz, MD
Yasmin Shayesteh, MD
Eric Smith, DO, MPH
Angela J. Sparks, MD
Eric J. Strandberg, MD
Carol C. Teitz, MD
Alan Urbina Alvarez, MD
Sarah K. Weinberg, MD
Robert J. Widrow, MD, PhD
Vanessa S. Wright, MD
John D. Wynn, MD